Hawaiian LOMI LOMI Massage in the Algarve

Flowing Movements like the Rhythm of the Waves

LOMI LOMI Massage orginates from Hawaii, where shamanic healers used it to induce self-healing and transformation in special times of one's life. Nowadays it is also offered in wellness facilities around the world to provide clients with the opportunity of deep relaxation and improve well-being. Indulge yourself with this exceptional treatment in the Algarve now.


Enjoy the flowing movements that reflect the rhythm of the waves in the ocean. Experience the unique dance between music and touch and allow your body, mind and soul to naturally heal itself.

Julia Antos is a fully certified Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist. She learned the art of Polinesian massages in New Zealand, Denmark and Hungary and loves her work with people. 

 "LOMI LOMI is not my work, it is my passion!"


Julia operates in the South-West Algarve. For more information contact: +351 916813635, info@lomilomi-algarve.com

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