Standard - 2 hours full body massage

This massage is treating the complete body, working with pressure on the muscles to induce release of tension. Usually starting on your back, treating the shoulders, arms, neck, and back side of the legs. After turning comes the front side of the body, including legs, feet, arms, hands, chest (around the breast) and belly, neck, head, hair and the face. The movements often go from head to toe in a flow, or treating two body parts simultaneously. This is a very relaxing treatment, that helps to bring awareness to the present physical sensations and to turn off the thinking mind and thereby opens the path to self-healing. 

90,- €


Short - 1 hour massage

This treatment is the shorter version of the full body massage, and is only applied when it is necessary. It is focusing on chosen body parts, whatever fits in the time. For example you choose to have your back and shoulders and legs massaged, rounding off with a neck and facial massage. Only suggested under special circumstances when a standard massage is for some reason not possible.

60,- €


Timeless - 3 hours full body massage

This massage gives the feeling of timelessness. It is the extended version of the standard full body massage. We forget about time and let the treatment take its course, rounding itself off whenever it comes to its end. It gives us plenty of time to include some extras (salt, mud, bamboo sticks, hot stones, body wash, body wrapping rituals...) It is a great opportunity to work on a special theme, to get inspiration in times of deep transformation, or step out of our everyday life for some time. A real journey...

130,- €


Nourishing Pregnancy Massage and Postpartum Massage - 2 hours full body massage lying on your sides when needed.

This massage is based on each women's special needs during the changing months of Pregnancy or after giving birth. Your whole body can still be nourished and massaged, your blood circulation refreshed while you lye on your side and for a short time on your back or whatever position feels most comfortable. I support you with pillows to find the best posture to relax. Through the loving, nourishing touch you are invited to connect to yourself and your baby. It is a great way to release any physical, mental or emotional tension in preparation for the birth or even after the birth as a postpartum treatment. 

90,- €



Special effects

Full-body Massages with oil will be complemented with other techniques using one or more of the following elements:

  • bamboo sticks
  • body wash - soap and hot wet towels
  • hot stones
  • Himalaya salt
  • Pareo (large piece of clothes to lift an relax body parts)



Discount for Regulars - In case of paying in advance for four sessions of any kind, you will receive the fifth one half price.

This applies also if the five sessions are received by various people. So you are welcome to buy sessions for your family and friends.


Gift Vouchers are also available. 


I am open for individual price arrangements with anybody in need, please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel the call to have a massage from me, we will find a way! 



Hope to see you soon!






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