About Julia Antos

Julia passionately loves Lomi Lomi Massage.

She was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1975 and moved to Portugal in 2007 where she lives with her husband and three children.


As a psychology student she got interested in non-verbal therapies and studied Integrated Dance and Movement Therapy for 4 years. After receiving her diploma from the Psychology Faculty of the University of Budapest (ELTE), and from the Center of Integrated Dance and Movement Therapy (CITA, Munich) she worked for several years as a psychologist and Dance and Movement Therapist in Budapest. Her special interest (also the theme of her Thesis and several groups she led) was Eating Disorders.


From childhood on dancing has been her hobby. She attended various dance courses and workshops, her favorites were the very intuitive Improvisational and Contact Dance. Being in contact and creating a dialogue with others through words and/or through the language of the body - such as dancing or touch - has ever been fascinating for her.


In 2004 she decided to learn massage techniques. Soon she found Ma-uri massage (that combines dancing and touch) and fell in love with it. Between 2004 and 2007 she has been studying Ma-uri massage in Budapest, Denmark and New Zealand, on various workshops held by the Ma-uri Institute and started to practice professionally. Ma-uri is a very powerful massage technique, which has its roots in Hawaiian Lomilomi, and was created by Katja and Hemi Fox (coming from New-Zealand and Denmark). Julia is grateful for their teachings, it is through Ma-uri that she established her connection with Polynesia and its healing arts.


Later on she decided to learn more about Polynesian massage and found her first teacher of Ma-uri massage, Witold Stanisław Kucharczyk to be teaching the original hawaiian Lomi Lomi. His training package, called Integrated Lomilomi, is a collection of knowledge he has learned until now from all his teachers, and is a congruent collection of massage techniques that complement each other. Julia received her certificate of Lomi Lomi Massage in 2014, from Witold Stanislaw Kucharczyk, Centre for Polynesian Healing Arts, Budapest.


Integrated Lomi Lomi is a collection of techniques based on Temple style Lomilomi massage and bodywork, put together by my respected teacher Witold Stanisław Kucharczyk.


His teachers of Lomi Lomi were: 

    Susan Pai’niu Floyd who was a student of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, and teaches this massage as Lomilomi Nui. 

    Kumu Auntie Maile Napoleon, living together with her family in Hawaii, Witold learned the style of her family and her tribe. Auntie Maile’s teachers were Kahu Lanikila Brandt and Kumu Kalua Pai’ea Kaiahua. 

    Finally, a great source of inspiration for him was Auntie Margaret Machado.


Integrated Lomilomi contains Welness Lomilomi, Lomilomi Nui, and the elemental Hawaiian massage known as Kahi Loa, (which Serge Kahili King shared with the world). It also contains Lomi 'ili 'ili, the work with Hot stones, and other techniques as side lying massage, body wash, strechings, and massage with bamboo sticks. Mud and salt and candle wax can be also used for ritual purposes. Stress release with a Pareo (soft cloths) is also a part. Hawaiian Hula Dance and ho’oponopono studies are also part of Integrated Lomilomi, (the Hawaiian teachers are: kumu Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a, Hope Keawe, Haleaka Ioani Pule, kumu hula Loea Kawaikapuokalani Hewett.)


I am very grateful to all the teachers of Ma-uri and Lomi Lomi for sharing their knowledge with others and allowing their wonderful gift to be spread and benefit so many people.


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