Dear Julia,

Thanks a lot for this special and intense massage.
I felt as my mind left the body and observed the treatment from above. It's been impressive how the body instantly responded to the slight movements. I feel happiness and a deep complacency.

Carolin (Germany)

Liebe Julia,


es war ein fantastisches Erlebnis.

Du hast es mit lomilomi geschafft, mich mir näher zu bringen.



Ich Danke dir von ganzem Herzen!


Sabine (Germany)

 Dear Julia,


Thank you for the great massage.

I felt very relaxed and in harmony during and after the massage.

It was a wonderful experience! A truly magical journey!


Sarah (U.K.)

Dear Julia,


This was the most amazing massage I ever had.

I enjoyed every minute of it.

I felt so well taken care of, such a relieving and enlightening experience!

It is truly a gift!


Alice (Holland)

Liebe Julia,

vielen lieben Dank für die wundervolle Reise, auf die Du mich geschickt hast.

Es war gefühlt endlos und unglaublich entspannend.

Ich fühlte mich energiegeladen und voller Wärme.

Es war herrlich!


Anna (Germany)


"Julia is a very dedicated massage-therapist. The 2 hour Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage treatment was masterful and quite an amazing rhythmic feeling with sounds and movements that calms you into a blissed-out state.


I was lying on a very comfortable heated massage table, naked with a long towel over my body to preserve my modesty, this allows for the continuous flow of the long massage strokes.


Julia started with a chanting or blessing, asking for whatever healing was needed. The massage was relaxing with full body long and under body strokes of which I felt invigorating with added soothing music through out. The entire experience was wonderful and authentic that leaves you feeling transformed afterwards. I would highly recommend anyone to discover the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage technique."


Joe Branco (Portugal)



"If you are considering getting a massage with Julia, I would HIGHLY recommend it! This is not your average massage. It is an amazingly relaxing experience where you feel totally reborn again. I felt 10 years younger after the massage and it relieved so much stress and created a deep state of relaxation where energy easily flowed throughout my body. I also delivered a presentation the next day and I felt extremely calm and present and I know the massage contributed greatly. If you are feeling tense or stressed out and are in need of some time to disconnect from it, and relax, talk to Julia and treat yourself to an amazing experience that you will remember for a long time to come. "

Andy Burton (Portugal)

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